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Environmental Reconstruction

Arnoud Boom, Rob Marchant, Kate Moore, Sue McLaren, and Sue Page

Reconstruction of the various geomorphological, sedimentological, biological, geochemical, geoarchaeological and human changes that have occurred are important areas of research because they enable us to understand not only what environments have been like in the past, and, how they have altered over time but also the implications of future changes. Under this research theme members of the Department are involved in reconstructing environmental change in a range of different environments including: Quaternary environmental changes in dryland environments of the Middle East (AHRB; NERC; BIAAH; King Saud University, Saudi Arabia); Reconstructing long-term climatic and environmental changes in the Fezzan, southern Libya and southern Africa (Libyan Society, British Academy, NERC, Leverhulme) Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, initial colonisation and exploitation of rainforests in Island Southeast Asia: Niah Cave, Sarawak (AHRB); Numerical dating of late Quaternary shorelines in the Mediterranean, Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean (NERC); temperate environments in Ireland: Irish Palaeoecology Synthesis and Analysis project (Marie-Curie programme); tropical environments in Colombia (Netherlands Science Foundation), Kenya (NSF-START), Tanzania (Netherlands Science Foundation), Uganda NERC, Bill Bishop Memorial Fund), and Indonesia (European Union). Other research projects within this theme are targeted at reconstruction of contemporary ecosystems and landscapes:Ecological restoration of former former forested landscapes in the East Midlands (Leicester and Rutland Wildlife Trust) and Ecological restoration of tropical peatlands (European Union).

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